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Local mom-‘n’-pop operation Irish Distillers have released their results, sans mention of the alleged new plant they are planning. However, you can see from the figures that they are going to struggle to keep up with the demand at this rate, so it would suggest to me that they need to expand beyond Midleton. All idle speculation on my part of course. Anyway – here are the stats:

Irish Distillers Results Year ending 30 June 2018

  • Jameson is the No. 1 Irish whiskey in the world with sales of 7.3 million cases with value growth of +14% and volume growth +12%
  • Innovation sustaining growth across Irish Distillers’ portfolio with sales of Jameson Caskmates reaching 300,000 cases in 2017/2018, driven by the launch of Caskmates IPA Edition in the United States
  • Irish Distillers Prestige range, including Redbreast and Midleton Very Rare, experienced 12.8 % volume growth
  • USA and South Africa continue to be the biggest markets for Jameson, with emerging markets starting to grow
  • Irish Distillers celebrate 30-years since joining Pernod Ricard, gaining access to unprecedented levels of investment and an extensive global distribution network

Wednesday, 29th of August 2018: Irish Distillers, the makers of the world’s most enjoyed whiskeys and Ireland’s leading supplier of spirits and wines, experienced another strong financial year in 2017/2018, accelerated by the continued growth of Jameson Irish whiskey which is now in double or triple-digit growth in more than 80 markets across the world.

Jameson is one of Ireland’s most recognised brands worldwide, enjoying years of exponential growth with 7.3 million cases sold in 2017/18, up from 500,000 cases during the mid-90s. As these results demonstrate, Jameson continues to spearhead the renaissance of the Irish whiskey category with the brand reaching its 29th year of consecutive growth with value growth of +14 percent and volume growth +12 percent.

Irish Distillers has a long history of innovation within the Irish whiskey category, and its commitment to creative experimentation has been key to the company’s sustained growth. In 2017/2018 sales of Jameson Caskmates reached 300,000 cases. This was primarily driven by the launch of the latest addition to the range, Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition in the United States, supported by strong performances in duty free and travel retail in Europe as well as growth in South African and Irish markets.

Commenting on the performance of Irish Distillers’ 2017/18 results, Conor McQuaid, above, Chairman and CEO said: “Irish whiskey is the fastest growing premium spirit in the world. Sales of Irish whiskey now account for more than one third of all Irish beverage exports, and we are immensely proud of the strong performance of our full portfolio of Irish whiskeys cementing our position as the makers of the world’s most enjoyed Irish whiskeys.

“Our continued dedication to innovation has allowed us to penetrate markets and grow Irish whiskey sales across our portfolio. The continued global growth of Jameson Caskmates is testament to this, with +86 percent growth in the US market compared to last year. Growth of our prestige range led by Redbreast which grew by +14 percent in volume, reflects the growing consumer appetite for premium Irish whiskeys and the resurgence of the time-honoured single pot still Irish whiskey. Powers, regarded as the classic and quintessential Irish whiskey, had a strong year with value growth of +8 percent.

“Our largest markets continue to be the USA, South Africa and Russia, followed by Ireland and the UK. It is very positive to see Jameson starting to generate interest in markets such as Nigeria, India and China.

“The Republic of Ireland spirits market generated volume growth of +6.1 percent and value growth of +4.9 percent. Against this backdrop, our premium spirits brands have recorded strong net sales growth during 2017/18:  Jameson (+9%), prestige Irish whiskeys (+23%).

“Growth of Irish whiskey sales in Ireland is in part due to increased interest in Irish whiskey tourism. As Jameson continues its phenomenal growth story, with 29 years of consecutive growth, the redeveloped Jameson Distillery Bow St places storytelling at the core of the visitor experience bringing the 230-year history of Bow Street to life. As is evidenced by the incredibly strong visitor figures recorded over the past year, the new-look Jameson Distillery Bow St has fast become the must-visit whiskey destination in the world. When combined with the Jameson Experience Midleton, we welcomed over 475,000 from more than 70 countries to our brand homes.

“The growth of Irish whiskey on the global stage could not have happened without the investment and focus brought by Pernod Ricard. This year, we are celebrating 30 years since joining the Pernod Ricard family and it is no coincidence that Jameson is also nearing 30 years of consecutive growth, experiencing double-and triple-digit growth in 80 markets across the world since gaining access an extensive global distribution network.”

*Nielsen June 2018 figures

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