Bad Timing

I did not like La La Land when it came out. It felt like everyone else did, which in itself might have given me unrealistic expectations about how life-changing it might be. Perhaps my nonplussed reaction to it came from the fact that I don’t watch a huge amount of musicals (does anyone any more?). […]

A Big Idea

Pubs in Ireland are in crisis – over the last 30 years a gradual (and long overdue) tightening of drink driving laws started a societal shift – much like the declining power of the Catholic church here, the pub is no longer the centre of society.  Across Ireland pubs that had passed through generations were […]

James Bradley, Whiskey & Wealth Club, and other people’s money

James Bradley AKA Jay Bradley AKA Bradley Jay. Jay Bradley does not now, nor has he ever, held any directorships or chairman titles in Australia for software based businesses.    A statement from Milk & Honey PR on behalf of their client James Bradley  Reevera is a dynamic software development company leading the way in user […]

No smoke without ire

There is massive potential for peat in Irish whiskey. The new breed of distillers recognise this, that the great taste of immolation is precisely the flavour that our over-heated planet deserves. I kid, but there is a space within our category for peated Irish whiskey. Unless you read the technical file, the document governing the […]

A Highland rhythm

Think of Scotch whisky as music, and the regions are genres – Speyside is pop, Islay is heavy metal, Islands are Soundcloud rap, Campbelltown is folk, Lowlands are classical. What then of the Highlands? Their particular ouvre lies somewhere between Wagner and polka – lots of deep bass, robust melodies – this is a region […]