Reverse engineering

Midleton Master Distiller Brian Nation and Midleton Micro Distiller (please note: still not an actual term) Karen Cotter at the launch of the new Jameson Deconstructed Series, a travel retail exclusive which celebrates the three elements of Jameson – pot still spirit, grain spirit, and wood.

Jameson, the world’s favourite Irish whiskey, has unveiled plans for its first ever Global Travel Retail exclusive range of super-premium whiskeys. The series was previewed this week at TFWE Cannes, the duty-free industry annual showcase event. The whiskeys will launch in 2016.

In the Deconstructed Series, the Jameson Original components have been deconstructed and reconstructed, allowing individual taste characteristics to be amplified in their own distinctive blend. The series includes three brand new unique whiskey styles:

 Bold, influenced by pot still whiskey, is an intense and robust whiskey, with a strong hit of spices. Initially sweet and creamy, with an abundance of soft fruits, the Pot Still Spices develop to bring a perfect balance of rich barley notes and mellow baked apple.

 Lively, influenced by grain whiskey, offers an elegant and floral taste combined with a citrus lightness. Its soft and sweet taste, drawn from perfume bon bons alongside turkish delight, combines with drying hints of citrus to balance the sweetness. A little chilli oil brings a prickle of spices to the mouth.

 Round, influenced by the wood contribution, is a balance of rich and plump charred tones. A perfect harmony of diverse flavours, sweet vanilla fuses with soft ripe fruit and, together, combines with the rich Pot Still Spices on a firm foundation of toasted oak.

Which all sounds somewhat reminiscent of the Masters’ Series trilogy, which went on show at the event last month to mark five million cases sold:


Either way, these releases are obviously meant to act as a gateway dram between standard blends and premium whiskey, designed to lure the casual whiskey drinker into the murky world of whiskey geekdom – a secretive underground scene filled with tweet tastings, personalised Glencairns, club memberships and a stack of books on booze next to the bed. Just say no guys, you don’t want to end up like me:


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