Recently Heaven Hill released a new Lace Peachberry Whiskey targeting women with a “one-of-a-kind whiskey with a vibrant attitude and feminine touch with the juxtaposition of a darker side.” Besides the fact it looks as edgy as the Hot Topic stuff you bought in the 6th grade, buried in the press release is an interesting fact: “And women are playing an increasingly important role in the whiskey category with about 40% of flavored whiskey consumed by females.”

So that means 60% of flavored whiskey is consumed by men, according to these figures. Doesn’t that mean whiskey companies trying to market their swill to women are barking up the wrong tree? Maybe they should have released a whiskey based on masculine stereotypes instead like “Ron Swanson’s Leather Motorcycle Bacon Whiskey.” Yeah, motorcycle isn’t a flavor, but neither is lace and we could make something up if you armed us with some industrially-produced smoke flavor.

Stop Punishing Women By Associating Them With Flavored Whiskey – Chicagoist


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