Basically it is a competition and the best design will win the day. Ground floor or semi-basement level should consist of kitchen, utility, family room, TV, cinema/sports room and perhaps a bar. The master bedroom should be to the rear of the house and have a large walk-in dressing room and a large en-suite. The en-suite should […]

Local man hosts caption competition for himself, with smug results

  ‘You see bishop, the money was only resting in my wife’s account‘. ‘Well Micheál, our only hope is in the Poles’. ‘Jesus we’re fucked in them’. ‘I can resurrect the dead, but you guys are goosed’. And so on. And a few moments earlier:   The FF faithful out in force to seek absolution for […]

Some people do golf classics, a night at the dogs and all those sort of things, so we are just having this event. I know it’s difficult for supporters with the expense of these things and they are constantly being asked to buy raffle tickets and various other donations, but democracy in itself has to be […]

From 1977 an abridged version of the Fianna Fail Election Manifesto. The 1977 Fianna Fail Manifesto has gone down as one which in part led to Irelands fiscal crisis in the 80s. In the main the Manifesto was reportedly crafted by Martin O’Donoghue. It proved popular with the voters as Fianna Fail were returned with […]


Councillor O'Sullivan Is Making Sure Christmas Will Happen in Youghal. East Cork Journal, November 13th — Aaron O'Sullivan (@CllrAaron) November 13, 2014 This is an actual fucking headline. The East Cork Journal is owned by a family of engineers, so I guess it’s understandable that they would want Fianna Fáil back in power to […]

I think as an island country cut off from the rest of Europe, it’s a good thing that we have a certain amount of immigration. Mobility of races is a good thing. You can even see the better-looking and taller children now as a result of the Celtic Tiger years. I think it’s a good […]

Chas arriving for a Cáirde Fáil dinner back in the day, and a programme for the event from 1987 via the always fantastic Irish Election Lit blog. In the top photo you will notice The Kaiser at a table on the right. Up Cork. Sort of.  Also, in the menu I love that there is a […]

Oh yeah, absolutely yes. I think we have to keep looking at our party strategy and we have to re-affirm are we the party that are a republican party that stands for republican ideals – in its widest sense – or are we an upper-middle class party? I think we have some hard choices to […]

You have to run your business the way you see it. The Irish pub is the number one attraction for overseas tourists and tourists want to meet Irish people with great personalities and share a laugh with them and that is what they get when they come to our pubs. Publican Charlie Chawke defending his […]