Basically it is a competition and the best design will win the day. Ground floor or semi-basement level should consist of kitchen, utility, family room, TV, cinema/sports room and perhaps a bar. The master bedroom should be to the rear of the house and have a large walk-in dressing room and a large en-suite. The en-suite should […]

Local man hosts caption competition for himself, with smug results

  ‘You see bishop, the money was only resting in my wife’s account‘. ‘Well Micheál, our only hope is in the Poles’. ‘Jesus we’re fucked in them’. ‘I can resurrect the dead, but you guys are goosed’. And so on. And a few moments earlier:   The FF faithful out in force to seek absolution for […]

Some people do golf classics, a night at the dogs and all those sort of things, so we are just having this event. I know it’s difficult for supporters with the expense of these things and they are constantly being asked to buy raffle tickets and various other donations, but democracy in itself has to be […]

I’m very disappointed. It is live art. Limerick’s Cllr Kieran O’Hanlon, Fianna Fáil, reacting to the decision by Duffy’s Circus to leave Limerick off its itinerary.  Duffy’s – it’s our Cirque du Soleil.  For the first time in living memory, Duffy’s will not make its annual September visit to Castletroy, with a spokesman stating this was “due to […]

Isn’t it a sad reflection on our political system that I was able to name examples of positive Irish success stories from the last 20 years in the arts, business and sport but that I don’t feel I could name you a positive role model from Dáil Éireann in that period. Indeed, if I was […]

It’s just overbearing. I have asthma and it’s affecting me. I’m just saying please refrain from it. Cork County Councillor Deirdre Forde (FG), who found the scents of some fellow councilors overbearing. Observers in County Hall witnessed some councillors mouth “what the f…” as Ms Forde proclaimed, during a council meeting, she was not at all […]

This allowed Micheál to optimise his time as minister and attend the maximum number of official meetings and events. A Fianna Fáil spokesperson explaining how party leader Micheal Martin clocked up a massive €30,000 bill on commercial flights jetting between his constituency in Cork and Dublin while he was Minister for Health. The spokesperson claimed […]

I was sniggered at in the box at one point during the trial and only on an actual guilty verdict, all of a sudden the apologies flow. Cork builder Eric Higgins, who was defrauded of six grand by former  Fianna Fáil Cork city councillor Gary O’Flynn, son of former FF TD Noel, and brother of […]