Local man starts working for Irish Examiner, takes back everything he said about them

Is there any news softer than rich, creamy advertorial? There is not, and I can write the softest, most meaningless advertorial of all. I got the chance to do some on a few businesses in Midleton, so here they are. All hail Midleton Midleton is a prosperous town. You can feel it when you walk […]

The Fountainhead

I’m not sure that many people in Midleton are aware that one of the world’s most significant distilleries lies just outside the town. It sits there on the skyline, silently creating and maintaining the bulk of the world supply of Irish whiskey. Of course, the local lack of understanding isn’t helped by the fact that […]

Whiskey and I: A long, boring and massively self-involved post, even by normal blogging standards

I never cared much for fine dining, and burnt off most of my palette in the Nineties drinking whatever was  within reach – including one late-night encounter with, I shit you not, paint stripper.  But now I am old and just want to enjoy a couple of decent drinks to unclench my mind on a […]