I had to go to Scotland for a whisky festival to be told about the new release from the guys in my hometown. Then I came home and had to sit on the info, but thanks to whiskey super-sleuth Matty Healy, the cat is officially out of the bag. The launch is in Bordeaux in […]

Ascending the Paps of Danú, Co Kerry, to celebrate the ancient rite of the Summer Solstice in honour of the Goddess Danú, as part in The Killarney Walking Festival, from Left, Tim Long, Guide, dressed in full druid costumes, sisters, Noretta and Emma Brosnan, Killarney. And dancing at the crossroads when walkers perform an impromtu Kerry […]

I’m not talking about providing anything costly or elaborate like a visitor centre or a major monument because a simple plaque would suffice. It could prove to be a major hit given that we are taking about one of the biggest ever movie and TV franchises. Killarney Star Trek enthusiast Peter Clayton, who wants to […]