Li Wei’s lovely photos for Pernod Ricard, taken at Pernod sites around the world – including Midleton, as revealed by moi back in May. Small towns eh, can’t even get a world-famous photoartist to conduct a shoot using a massive crane and dangling humans without some local yokel coming along and taking photos from the […]

If this photoshoot gets any classier a porno might break out

More like Sons Of Wankery, amirite? Anyway, it’s this: It was not so much the Angels’ Share, more the “Hell’s” Angels’ Share as Speyside Distillery crossed to the dark side to launch its new black whisky – Beinn Dubh – at Europe’s biggest Harley Davidson motorcycle rally today (30 August, 2015). The single malt was unveiled to over 3,000 motorbike enthusiasts who gathered in Aviemore in […]

Fancy getting wankered down in Anchorage, Alaska? Well, you’ll be (Michelle) Shocked to learn that a distillery in the Great White North is looking for a master distiller. Please enjoy responsibly as apparently they go all Thirty Days Of Night if they have more than two gats.