Red Fox
Cascade Mountains,Ê
Washington, USA
by Jess Findlay, age 18
Burnaby, British Columbia,ÊCanada

the story behind the shot: ÒWhile exploring the Cascade Mountains with fellow photographer Alex Mody, I came across a red fox. Even during the coldest snowstorm, this animal can stay warm by curling up on open ground. Wrapped in his white-tipped tail, this foxÕs cheeky expression made him look as if he had just been rudely awakened from his daytime nap.Ó
Canon 50D; 400mm Ä/5.6L USM lens; 1/500 sec at Ä/8; ISO 400; hand-held.

about the photographer: Jess Findlay is an 18-year-old student from Burnaby, just east of Vancouver, in southwestern Canada. He has spent many childhood days bird-watching and hiking throughout the Pacific Northwest wilderness with his family. Now he is always accompanied by his camera. Findlay uses his knowledge of the natural world to pursue his passion, in hopes of capturing unique images that tell a story.

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