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  Column, week 16:   In 1988, the British director Tony Kaye made an advert for British Rail. Titled ‘Relax’, it showed a soft focus world of comfort aboard the train, where all the ills of the world whizzed by the window, and commuters drifted off into a peaceful slumber. Unsurprisingly, there were many complaints […]

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Because none of you jerks will buy a goddam newspaper I have to tweet this every week to remind you that I am super duper important. — Bill Linnane (@Midleton_Rare) August 2, 2017 Somehow I still have a weekly column in the Indo. My folks would be proud and probably slightly ashamed, as they […]

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Nobody does formal anymore. So here’s a thing I did for the Indo on that theme:   The French are a stylish bunch. Perhaps it’s the tan, the teeth, the hair, but they can switch from haute couture to pret a porter with enviable ease. Just look at their First Lady.  Brigitte Macron was recently […]

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Last week’s column, today!   American Psycho is a difficult read. From its initial release more than a quarter of a century ago, it has divided readers with its jet-black satire, misogyny and violent nihilism. However, for many readers, it is the passages about Eighties pop music that can be the biggest challenge. At certain […]