The annual pre-Paddy’s Day stocktake

It would appear that I have a not-drinking problem.

2 responses to “The annual pre-Paddy’s Day stocktake”

  1. There’s some serious whiskeys in that selection I wouldn’t mind having a taste of!

    • Bill Linnane – Midleton – Freelance writer. Bylines: Irish Independent, Irish Examiner, Irish Tatler Man, Evening Echo, The Spirits Business, Distilled. Proud owner of the award-defying TripleDistilled.Blog, Ireland's Least Successful Blog™.
      Bill Linnane says:

      There’s some nice ones, and some very ordinary ones too. When I got my redundancy package I bought a load of bottles just to acquaint myself with a few different styles from around the world. Problem now is I just don’t have time to drink them all. At some stage when the kids are older I’ll start some sort of Hellfire Club and get through a few dozen bottles rapidly.

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