Yesterday morning, the 6.45am train from Midleton to Cork was cancelled without warning. When I contacted Irish Rail, they informed me that this was because a driver rang in sick. I was fuming – and soaking wet, as it was pissing down. I didn’t bother complaining, reminding myself that this is yet another example of […]

Festivus is no longer for the rest of us it seems. Looks like ’12 pubs’ is now more ’12 pubes’, aimed solely at the underage drinker. They are welcome to it: Absolute scenes in Midleton last night — KYLER ® (@26th_kyle) December 20, 2015 Midleton is covered in a layer of sick — Official Liam Franklin […]

PR eschewing

Few people have any real idea what public relations actually entails. I certainly didn’t until I managed to blag my way into a summer internship in a high-profile firm in 2001. It was a great experience – it was a well-established Dublin-based company that mostly dealt with luxury brands and business-to-consumer stuff. It was also […]

Waterfordist division of labour

Wiring and pipe work continues a pace — Waterford Distillery (@WaterfordWhisky) November 6, 2015 "Thar' she blows!" Steam trials into the mash house. — Waterford Distillery (@WaterfordWhisky) November 6, 2015 The Waterford Turkish Baths — Waterford Distillery (@WaterfordWhisky) November 6, 2015 Project leader, FDT's John Regan (red vest), gives briefing to distilling […]