No offense to my dudes, or any other guitar players out there, but when I hear solos, I really don’t pay attention to them. I honestly don’t. There are only a few solos that I’m like, ‘That is freaking awesome!’ Most of the time, it sounds like jerking off to me. I’m a riff kind of […]

It only affects the citizen when the knock comes to that citizen’s door. People in the Third Reich thought what’s happening to the Jews would never happen to them, but finally the knock came. You cannot allow bad practices to become embedded in your democratic processes. Frank Flannery invoking Godwin’s Law while discussing parliamentary privilege. In […]

Fancy getting wankered down in Anchorage, Alaska? Well, you’ll be (Michelle) Shocked to learn that a distillery in the Great White North is looking for a master distiller. Please enjoy responsibly as apparently they go all Thirty Days Of Night if they have more than two gats.

Romantic varse

I actually think that’s an e. I worked as a chef for two and a bit years after leaving school and I can confirm that using those little chocolate pen things is hard as fuck. What that chef has done is the equivalent of the Book Of Kells, only an edible version which is therefore […]