I remember producing music for one Lithuanian musician, who tried to wash my brain that I don’t need to be so conservative and intolerant about them. When I asked him ‘what would you do if you realised that your 16-year-old son’s browny (anus) is ripped by his boyfriend?’ Well he was silent. (In) the good 90s … these people of different breed where fixed.

One of my first gigs in Ireland, on my way to [my] hotel I saw a church with a fence decorated with hundreds of baby shoes. Naturally I wondered why? Unfortunately a priest’s lie for many years was uncovered when children were massively raped. Unfortunately the people of other breed continue to do it and everyone knows it but does nothing.

Lithuanian producer Ten Walls, whose real name is Marijus Adomaitis, referring to those in the LGBTI community as people of a “different breed” and comparing homosexuality to child abuse.

Ten Walls scored a top 10 hit in the UK with Walking with Elephants in 2014. He has since deleted the posts from his personal Facebook page, but his comments were picked up and circulated by publications including Gay Star News.

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