It’s good to be open. It’s good to be real.

Celebrity chef Dylan McGrath, talking about his ’emotional’ appearance on The Saturday Night Show, in which he talked about his mother and cried rather a lot. My dad saw it: ‘There was this fella on Brendan O’Connor’s show, well he was all over the place and crying the whole time, I think he had special needs or something.’ I pointed out that he was a famous chef, to which my dad said ‘but lots of chefs have special needs’. Awky momo, as I used to be a chef. Thanks dad. Anyway, Dylan admitted that he was basically somewhat overcooked on painkillers; he was dosed up on the anti- inflammatory Difene and the painkiller Tramadol. He says he took “two or three” before going live on Brendan O’Connor’s final show.

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