Dear the creator of this awful and dumb app…

‘Yik Yak’ is an absolute disgrace and I don’t even know how to describe the comments and things said about others in the first 15 minutes I got the app. This “Social Network” is honestly the worst one in the whole history of social networking as it is a definite source of bullying to occur and it also WILL lower the self-esteem of many people (especially the young) and I see on all the TV ads and posters encouraging people to help raise awareness for suicide and yet this app is doing nothing but helping to raise the NUMBER suicide attempts. I advise you to take extremely better control of the comments people make on this app or completely remove this app altogether because if you don’t…. I can promise you that there will be a lot of depressed teens left out there because of this stupid app and there will be a number of suicide attempts and you, Sir/Madame will be the ones to blame.

Yours, sincerely

~A person who cares.

I was about to download Yik Yak but decided to read the first review.

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