Distill life

On Saturday night my dad popped in for a cuppa. ‘There’s something going on in the distillery, big crane down there, you should have a look.’ And look I did. I thought it might be something to do with the micro-distillery, but it was actually a photoshoot. The gates were closed, but the security guard was chatty enough, despite limited English. He told me it was a shoot for a single magazine, and he didn’t know a whole lot more. But with some filling in of blanks and from what I could hear over the wall and through the gates, the photographer is most likely Li Wei, who does this sort of thing:

So there you go now. Who says Midleton is a cultural wasteland? Apart from me, obvs.

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  1. […] Li Wei’s lovely photos for Pernod Ricard, taken at Pernod sites around the world – including Midleton, as revealed by moi back in May. Small towns eh, can’t even get a world-famous photoartist to conduct a shoot using a massive crane and dangling humans without some local yokel coming along and taking photos from the top of the local multi-storey car park. […]

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