One of my children, who was 15 at the time, suddenly realised that they were talking about me… she said: ‘Mammy, is that about us?’ And I said: ‘I am sorry darling but it is’.

“And she said: ‘Are we safe?’ and I said: ‘Darling, I’m going to keep you safe – and we are safe and there is no danger and we are fine’. But that really broke my heart. That my little girl…… didn’t feel safe.

Breda O’Brien recallsher daughter listening to a discussion on Pantigate on the radio. In a far-reachingly stupid interview, Breda makes a number of laughably ridiculous claims, such as this:

I later ask if she believes gay sex is natural.

“It depends on what you define as ‘natural’,” she says.

“To be sexually attracted to people is obviously completely natural and gay people can love as much as anyone else. But if you are looking as nature intended, I think that sex is very bound up with having children.”

So where does all this fit in, in the context of her own life?

Are you going to have any more children?


Does that mean you abstain forever?

“No. Because sex is about bonding and pleasure and expressing love.”

But you said it should be bound up with having children?

“I said that was one aspect of it but they don’t always have to go together… I think the bonding aspect of it is really important.”

So why shouldn’t that be the same for gay people?

“Because I think that there is a complementarity… I really hope you report this fairly… I think there is a complementarity between men and women that.. that is, you know, it is everywhere. It is in eastern symbolism, you know the Yin and the Yang, the male and the female and there is a ‘uniqueness’ about that relationship.”

Eastern religions? Careful now.  However, the most ridiculous thing is this:



There is no god.


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