I can’t explain the discomfort I feel, I really can’t. Ousted Ukip councillor Rozanne Duncan saying she is unable to describe her “discomfort” around black people in a television show due for broadcast on Monday. In the clip released prior to the show’s airing, a black woman in the audience, sitting just two seats away, asks if […]

Perrier’s Water and Irish Coffey

In The Untouchables, a journalist asks Prohibition enforcer Elliot Ness what he will do if the American government goes ahead with plans to repeal their anti-drink laws. ‘I think I’ll have a drink’ is his pithy reply. Calais-born and Dublin raised Aeneas Coffey – the scourge of the distilling trade in Ireland – went one better when he […]

What we leave behind

So I wrote an article for the Irish Examiner about researching genealogy. I went on a bit, and they rightly cut it down. However, given that this is the unregulated, self-indulgent wasteland of blogging, I’m going to post the unabridged version for you to snooze through: Carpe diem  You probably remember the scene in Dead Poet’s Society.  Robin Williams’s […]