Modern Family – not so funny now


Or ever. David Quinn spells out how voting for basic human rights will see us all married to Sofia Viagra. Sher ’tis like the end of Planet Of The Apes, only our rush to extend rights to everyone has really made a monkey out of us.

Let’s paint a picture of the sort of scenario our Government – with the full backing of the opposition parties – believes is perfectly all right.

Imagine two men who wish to be parents. There’s a problem, in that they have neither an egg nor a womb. No worries, they can simply go to the nearest fertility clinic, browse through an egg-donor catalogue and find an egg donor they like. They hand over the cash and buy the egg or eggs.

Their next problem is to find a woman willing to give them the use of her womb for nine months. She will be the so-called ‘surrogate mother’. Minister for Health Leo Varadkar is planning legislation in this area. He plans to ban ‘commercial surrogacy’ – where you pay a woman for the use of her womb – but will allow so-called ‘non-commercial’ surrogacy, which in the UK still involves paying a fee of around £15,000 to cover ‘expenses’.

The two men will then take delivery of the child who they have obtained by paying one woman for her egg and another woman for her womb, but this child will have no mother in their life. The child will be deliberately robbed of a mother.

Because men can’t be nurturing, loving parents – that’s the woman’s job!! I mean, ok the kid would grow up to be a great sports pundit or mechanic, or at worst, really great at holding remote controls, but they will have no emotional capacity. You know, like men. Not so funny now is it? Not even Modern Family funny – this terrifying scenario is closer to the dystopian horrors of later episodes of Friends, or possibly even Everybody Loves Raymond.

Yes – that awful.

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