So it was that Oborne detailed what he perceives to be the Telegraph’s failure to maintain its historic standards. The editor had been replaced by a “head of content”. A front-page story had confused deer hunting and deer stalking. And, rather more profoundly, Oborne said, the Barclay brothers had presided over a “collapse” in the separation of advertising and editorial. He reserved particular fury for the failure to adequately cover the recent HSBC scandal, or a number of other controversial stories involving the bank, which is a major Telegraph advertiser. And he said the chief executive, Murdoch MacLennan, had conceded that advertising affected editorial but protested that “it was not as bad as all that”.

Great Guardian piece on Peter Oborne’s scathing article about his former employer, the Telegraph. Worth a read for anyone who has ever watched as a newspaper was brought to ruination by ignorance, inaction and accountants.

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