One of the inmates flagged down Dr. Albert Paulson and said, ‘You guys have a real problem. You can’t drink when you take this drug.’ And Dr. Paulson said, ‘Oh, come on, you were probably drinking cleaning fluid,’ The inmate shook his head and pulled out a flask of Jack Daniels whiskey that had been smuggled in, and that’s when they knew they had a real problem. You start sweating. You vomit. Actually, a few people have even died from these reactions, so it’s not trivial. And no drug company would develop a drug like this. As one friend put it, if you couldn’t drink, then you wouldn’t need a male contraceptive.

Doctor John Amory, a professor of medicine at the University of Washington, discussing a male contraceptive pill that was tested on prison inmates. All went well – until they discovered the pill reacted badly with alcohol.

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