No one should be under any illusions, however. The referendum is a dry run for a sequel, the repeal of the eighth (pro-life) amendment, if politicians need no longer fear religious factors weighing on voters.

Dr Martin Mansergh, a senior adviser to three Fianna Fáil Taoisigh, writing in the current edition of ‘The Irish Catholic’ newspaper.

You heard it here first: If the gays win, the abortions are coming in dry.



And from the Wikipedias:

Mansergh has been a strong supporter of former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, whose financial affairs are under investigation by the Mahon Tribunal. He has been accused by some commentators of being insulting, condescending and petulant to opposition politicians.[6]

On an RTÉ radio [7] show Morning Ireland in February 2008, Mansergh reassured listeners that Ahern’s difficulties were no more than a spot of inflight turbulence, with a safe landing in sight. When Fine Gael’s tribunal expert, Senator Eugene Regan dissented, Mansergh became quite agitated, questioning why Regan wanted to question Ahern’s finances declaring to Regan that: You should have respect for your betters!

Equality be damned!

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