More images from the thing I was at that I wasn’t meant to tell anyone about. It was in the distillery here in Midleton and was a sneak peek at the new Redbreast expression, Mano A Lámh, which is exclusively aged in sherry barrels, or butts as they are amusingly known. I like sherry butts and I cannot lie, and the new whiskey is going on sale tomorrow online at It’s a limited edition, only 2,000 being released (initially), and is 65 yoyo. Limits of two per customer, so I can’t go too mad. Also, if I buy any more whiskey I think my wife might leave me.

Anyway, Mano A Lámh is lovely – sweet and delicious. I’d highly recommend it, but then I am on the dole and would therefore drink melted-down shoe polish to escape the drudgery of everyday life.

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