Upside Down Travel Photography with @stolbyshkin

To see more of Anton’s upside down travel photography, follow @stolbyshkin on Instagram.

“When I travel, I don’t want to post the same old ‘me-and-something-beautiful-in-the-background’ photos,” says Moscow Instagrammer Anton Charushin (@stolbyshkin). “I like to share something unique, so I use my ability to stand on my head.” Anton posts photos of himself doing hands-free headstands in the hashtag series #stolbyshking(#stolbyshking), a Russian word he invented to describe performing the move in interesting places. He says he is constantly on the lookout for a new creative approach for his series. “I look everywhere for a place to stand on my head: rocks, roofs, castles, trains, cornfields, elevators,” he says, adding that all he needs is a small flat area for his head and a friend to take the photo. Anton picked up his skill in high school when he got into break dancing. Later, he discovered other benefits to being upside down. “Headstands promote blood flow to the brain,” he says, “which improves my mood and sharpens my mind.”

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