From 1977 an abridged version of the Fianna Fail Election Manifesto. The 1977 Fianna Fail Manifesto has gone down as one which in part led to Irelands fiscal crisis in the 80s. In the main the Manifesto was reportedly crafted by Martin O’Donoghue.

It proved popular with the voters as Fianna Fail were returned with an unprecedented 20 seat majority.
Amongst the below are Tax cuts, abolition of Rates, first time buyer grants of £1000 and other giveaways.
Amongst the first time TDs elected were Bertie Ahern, Pádraig Flynn, Liam Lawlor, Charlie McCreevy, Martin O’Donoghue and Albert Reynolds

To sum up: Fianna Fáil got rid of water charges and we got Lawlor, Bertie, McCreevy and fucking Pee Flynn instead. There’s a brief timeline of water charges in Ireland from 1977 onwards over on Wikipedia if you want to infuriate yourself even more that no-one grasped this nettle a long time ago. 

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