You have to run your business the way you see it. The Irish pub is the number one attraction for overseas tourists and tourists want to meet Irish people with great personalities and share a laugh with them and that is what they get when they come to our pubs.

Publican Charlie Chawke defending his decision to only hire Irish staff for his pubs. The Irish Immigrant Council opposed Mr Chawke’s views and pointed out that his stance was illegal.

Chawke is an ardent Fianna Fáil supporter. During the trial of the men charged with robbing him and blowing his leg off it was ruled that members of the jury could not be supporters of Fianna Fáil.  Chawke was a regular attendee at the party’s tent at the Galway Races. His decision to name a racehorse after one of Bertie Ahern’s controversial donors is seen by some as offering a two-finger salute to those appalled by political cronyism.  He also gave evidence at the Mahon Tribunal. So you can take it he is as Irish as they come.  


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