So I joined the Cork Whiskey Society. Don’t you dare judge me. Anyway, they had a tasting last night in the old Woodford Bourne maltings on the Mardyke in Cork. There were seven whiskies on offer, pictured above: Number one was a standard Paddy, much maligned as a commoner’s drink, but a robust and enjoyable whiskey. Second was a Paddy from the Fifties, which tasted literally nothing like the modern one. Third was the Paddy Centenary Edition, smoother and more delicate then it’s forefather, but sher aren’t we all?

Then it was on to a real rarity – Hewitt’s, which is no longer made. I walk through the site of the old Hewitt distillery on my way to work each morning; sad to see they levelled beautiful old buildings and a great distillery to make way for The Most Boring Road In Ireland and the fucking New Furniture Centre.

Hewitt’s is a peated malt, so a bit of an oddity. It had that iodine, medicinal kick you get from the Islay malts; not what I was expecting at all. Then it was a Murphy’s Premium Whiskey from the 1980s, reception of that was mixed, I quite liked it.

Following that was Crockett Legacy, a mere 230 yoyo a bottle, try it with Red Bull, you oik. It’s an amazing whiskey, but nothing justifies that price.

We finished with the latest Midleton Very Rare, the first signed by new master distiller Brian Nation. Again, 160 a bottle, so pretty exceptional. Like meself.

Good craic, good turn-out, good talk by Eric Ryan from Midleton distillery about all the old distilleries in Cork. Lots to be proud of there. Up Cork, Dublin can eat a bag of dicks, washed down with Red Bull.

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