Sunn O))) rise, Sunn O))) set

Druids journey across the McGillycuddy Reeks by torchlight on their way to the ancient sacred summit, the Paps of Danú. Reinacting the ascent, Denis O’Sullivan, Left, Brian Coakley, and Marie Kehoe-O’Sullivan.

There they will celebrate the ancient rite of the Summer Solstice in honour of the Goddess Danú.

Walkers taking part in The Killarney Walking Festival will join them on their final ascent of the Paps by climbing in the dead of night on Saturday, June 21 to view the first light of the Summer Solstice sunrise.

12 walks from easy to strenuous are part of the Killarney Walking Festival programme. Former World Champion Mountain Runner John Lenihan, is giving a talk on Sunday 21st June at the Gleneagle Hotel as part of the Solstice evening Bar b que and traditional night. Visit

Photo:Valerie O’Sullivan

Fun fact: You will only get the stupid/awesome post title if you know what drone overlords Sunn 0))) look like.

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