Poor auld Bob Hoskins in Felicia’s Journey, which features Clogheen, Glanworth and other Cork shitholes. It also starred Elaine Cassidy, who was in Kirsten Sheridan’s screen adaptation of Disco Pigs. So basically I’m claiming Bob Hoskins was from Cork. 

Felicia’s Journey was based on the  Whitbred-winning novel by Cork author William Trevor, whose vision of Ireland was described by Dolores MacKenna thuswise

This is rural and small town Ireland, a bleak place where people endure life rather than live it; a place of loneliness, frustration and undramatic suffering. Timeless, except in its details, its moral climate remains constant whether its people live in the 1940s or the 1990s. Public events have little impact upon the inhabitants of the isolated farms, drab small towns, or, less often, dreary suburbs where individuals exist in states of unarticulated desperation.

Yep, that’s Cork alright. 



When I was just a 17 year-old Miss Ireland I also fell into the trap of two older, powerful men. I was conned to an empty venue by one after being promised an introduction with a West End producer. My head was filled with stories of potential success in London. Riches, bright lights and a glamorous lifestyle awaited me. Or so I thought.

Just like the Bond girl role that Clifford promised one victim, my West End producer was imaginary fiction. He didn’t exist but a different famous face was waiting for me instead.

That night I’m certain I dodged being raped. I’d like to think my Finglas smarts outwitted and manipulated the situation cleverly but deep down I know it was just pure luck.

Vinegar strokes

‘Hang on, you don’t actually expect me to eat this shit, do you?’

The new ‘Face of ITICA’ Jessica Rodriguez pictured as the Irish Traditional Italian Chippers Association (ITICA) announce the fifth annual National Fish & Chips Day. Wednesday 28th May will see all ITICA members throughout Ireland offer their customers half price Fish
& Chips to celebrate the 129 year old tradition of a ‘one and one’. The Irish Italian chipper culture was started by members of the Irish Italian community who arrived in Ireland in the 1880s.