Just in time for Valentine’s Day….


Dating-expert Avril Mulcahy is coupling up with drinkaware.ie to help Ireland’s singles, daters and couples avoid any alcohol-related embarrassments this Valentine’s Day. Pictured with Avril enjoying a romantic date in the Marker Hotel are Leda Connaughton and Jack Dempsey. Dating expert Avril Mulcahy advises, “By following a couple of simple rules, daters can ensure they have a much more enjoyable Valentine’s night and increase their chances of meeting that special someone. Common mistakes people make include being over self-conscious, not making the most of themselves and drinking too much. The best rule of thumb is to relax, go at your own pace and have fun.”

Of course the number one danger to younglings on the dating scene is this:

Trust me: I have three of the little blighters running around my house, all of them are chips off the old block. I do try to ketchup

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