Taking stock of Valentine’s

Some incredibly shit stock images that are meant to somehow illustrate domestic violence. Which brings me to this:

The proliferation of stock images is problematic in ways that the Lean In collection cannot solve on its own. Their use might mean a “real person” could not be located, persuaded to speak about their experiences and pose as a “case study”. More often, it means the media organisation did not choose to use their resources to attempt to talk to that real person.

So instead of the messy reality of human lives, we have unthreatening models of both sexes with white teeth and weed-free gardens. We have women, like no women you have ever known, laughing alone at salad, when frankly, there is nothing amusing about salad. And we have a “visual conversation” that is still largely about depicting women as mothers, victims and sex objects. As long as this is the case, initiatives like the Lean In collection will be welcome – for at least it tries to redress the balance, even if it will ultimately be the real-world advancement of women in politics, business and the media itself that counts.

Why news media should take stock of stock imagery | Irish Times

And if that didn’t convince you, consider this:


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