Someone should tell this genius that the tomato thing only works when spoken. Fair play to him for having the courage to give out shit about immigrants and then become one himself.

The full comment he posted which I cruelly cut off in its prime went like this:

True, but like any contract of employment there are particular expectations and duties from both side. However citizenship and being Irish doesn´t happen at the stroke of a pen or come from a contract or just getting an Irish passport. It comes from being born in a country to Irish parents. Its comes from growing up listening to stories from your grandparents. It comes from going to sporting events with your grandparents and rainy days as a child with nothing to do but watch Bosco or Wonderly Wagon on a TV with only four stations. Its discussing Zig and Zag over a pint in your local or a day at the races or realizing that Dustin the Turkey actually does have better policies than FF. All this shared past, combined with the present, makes for Irelands future. Look at our present, I don´t particularly see a happy future. Politicians have taken our future kicking and screaming to the local abattoir


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