Marconi plays the Mamba, listens to the radio

We built this city on neglect of heritage.

The old Marconi maritime radio school on the Lower Road in Tivoli. A beautiful building that I pass every day, and often wondered what it looked like on the inside. Well:

I’ve seen this late Georgian house across The Marina on several occasions and was always curious as to see what was inside it. Unfortunately, as it happens frequently with abandoned buildings, a fire in 2002 had destroyed most of the interior. An attempt to renovate it had been made but only getting as far as building the new roof, the house has since been closed up with metal sheets installed on all entrances.

Recently, I noticed one of the sheets had been torn down and figured it would be a good opportunity to check it out before the sheet will be put back up again. While there was a shortage of furniture, we did find something interesting in the end …

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