“We’re more than just statistics in black official ink. We’ve got our pride and feelings, they are stronger than you think. We need the kind of country where we can make our way. That’s why I am voting for a change on this election day.”

So went the song, “Your Kind Of Country” sung by Colm C.T. Wilkinson and released by Fianna Fáil in 1977.

On ‘Election ‘77 Special’, Eoin Ryan, director of elections for Fianna Fáil, explains his hopes that the song would get young people interested in the election. Richie Ryan and Seamus Scally, the directors of elections for Fine Gael and Labour, are not impressed with Fianna Fáil’s attempts to get into the charts.

Listen to it here. I’m convinced. And a pre-Les Mis Colm Wilkinson on vocals to boot. Mind you, he later claimed he had no clue what party it was an anthem for and didn’t really seem to give a shit. 

Either way, it’s no Arise And Follow Charlie. Seriously, listen to it. Stirring as fuck.

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