The DIT student attended the concert with around 30 friends from north Dublin, including a grand-daughter of former Taoiseach Charles Haughey.

In his final words on Friday, shortly before he set off for the weekend, he wrote: “Good Morning. Four hours from being at Electric Picnic, sucking trees off chasing the dragon.”

The term ‘chasing the dragon’ typically refers to the elusive pursuit of a high from drugs.

Really? Well, what does wikipedia say about the term: 

Another more metaphorical use of the term “chasing the dragon” refers to the elusive pursuit of the ultimate high in the usage of some particular drug.

I see. It’s not cutting and pasting when you take some of the words out. Then it’s ‘investigative journalism’. 

But what about ‘sucking trees off’? How can we use that part of the obvious joke to slander the recently deceased? And what does Ghosty Haughey have to do with this? Did he ‘tighten his belt’ around his arm before injecting everyone under 40 with Brian Lenihan’s stem cells? For more on this emerging story, please buy newspapers. Please

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