Just for the record, Australia has had zero gun massacres since 1996, and in the United States, 80 people are killed by guns every single day. So, it is another example of murder and mayhem on Main Street. Yes, people are thinking of going to the USA on business, vacation, trips, should think carefully about it given the statistical facts you are 15 times more likely to be shot dead in the USA than in Australia per capita per million people.

… We don’t have gun shows where you can walk up and not even be subject to a background check in one of the most dumbest decisions so far in the litany of agony over the gun laws and gun policies of the NRA and the USA. There is deep seated anger this time and I can tell you there is disbelief. I just want to say that it would appeal to the deep thinkers in the USA to think again about the drift in the state of the nation.

Former Australian deputy prime minister TIM FISCHER, who championed his country’s gun control reforms almost 20 years ago, reacting to the cold-blooded murder of Chris Lane by three teens who were “bored.”

(via CNN)

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