Woman explains how she got preggos to confused men in suits

‘So you see, when Mr Wind Turbine has reached maximum speed, he can sell his special energy back to Mrs National Grid.’ 

‘I think I get it. No wait, I don’t get it at all’. 

‘No, that’s not where the plug goes at all’. 


IKEA Ireland Ltd today announced that it is investing in the purchase of a new wind farm located in Carrickeeny, North-West Leitrim, from the global wind and solar company Mainstream Renewable Power. The electricity generated from the wind farm will be used to supply its Dublin and Belfast stores, becoming one of the first corporate businesses in Ireland to operate a wind farm in this way. Pictured are Eddie O’Connor, Chief Executive, Mainstream Renewable Power, Joanna Yarrow, Head of Sustainability IKEA UK and Ireland, David Gascon, Head of Electricity at Vayu.

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