Two of Harry Clarke’s most sought-after titles include promotional booklets for Jameson Irish Whiskey: A History of a Great House (1924, and subsequent reprints) and Elixir of Life (1925).  At auction both have been known to fetch a few grand, so if you have a copy, please don’t flog it for a tenner to buy some meths.

Dr Angela Griffith from the Department of the History of Art and Architecture  in Trinity, is giving a talk on Clarke’s work for Jameson at a whiskey seminar in Youghal in September. So you finally have a reason to go to Youghal, albeit one that does just involve getting shitfaced, albeit classily.

Warning: You might want to leave before ‘Johnny Jumped Up!: Whiskey in the Irish song tradition’ with Dr Dáibhí Ó Cearnaigh starts. 

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