Grim Escort Review of the Day: Sandyford – a very nice place indeed

Met the very pretty Lisa Black this morning after a recommendation from a friendly board member.

He was right! She’s gorgeous and exciting company. If you think she looks good on her profile then you will not be disappointed with the reality.

Dressed as requested, she welcomed me with a soft kiss and we went straight to action which is rare for me. 

Lisa Black has a quiet personality and is happy to let you lead but she also takes a full part in the action and appeared to have a lot of fun from the visit. I certainly did!

I have visited the Sandyford block before and Lisa Black prepared the room well with nicely scented candles and mood lighting. 

Overall a delightful way to spend a mid-week morning. Lisa Black can take you to a very nice place indeed.

She’s definitely on my re-call list.

If sex with a woman for money in an industrial estate in Sandyford is a nice way to spend a mid-week morning, I shudder to think what he does for the rest of the week. 

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