The lovely Elaine at this: 

TV3 presenter Elaine Crowley unveils her new look as Irish ambassador for Nupo, a new weight loss programme to enter the Irish market. Developed in Denmark 30 years ago and now launching for the first time on the Irish market, Nupo is a weight loss programme that is the perfect solution to many of the challenges that face dieters in Ireland! Nupo is now available for purchase online and in pharmacies nationwide.

Elaine lost 14 pounds in just over two weeks on Nupo. 

Yay Elaine. She recently gave a depressing interview in which she spoke about suffering from dysphoria

“I never felt suicidal, but I did feel that if a bus ran me over it wouldn’t make any difference”

It’d make a damn significant difference to the internet Elaine:  

At least you now know that, as you lie under the bus, there will be plenty of people willing to give you mouth to mouth, loosen your clothing, massage your chest or ask if you own a bikini while you bleed to death. 

Author: Bill Linnane

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