Ex- Cork East TD for Fianna Fáil Michael Ahern hunts for brains/votes back in the day before his party straight up murdered the country. 

And now:

“Politics is still in the blood and that will never change. I still get the phone calls to help people even though I’m not in the Dáil and I still love to do so. You never leave politics once it’s gripped you for so long — the buzz is always there.
“I never left local politics — I’m involved in my parish council as well as the party in east Cork.
“Fianna Fáil has no TD or county councillor in the area and I think we can do very well next year. There is great young talent coming through and I think a blend of that youth and vibrancy with my experience would serve the people well.
“If the party wants me to stand, I would give it serious consideration.”

That’s right: Fianna Fáil are coming back from the dead. 

Ahern poised to return to politics

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