Reeling in the ears


He fought to protect foetuseses because he was the same size as one. 

From 2001:

For 30-year-old Barrett it is the most consuming issue in his life. I suspect the abortion argument is closer to his heart than he is willing to admit either to himself or to others. Justin was adopted as a child; in another era he could have been aborted.

“I’m aware that is certainly a possibility. I was born in 1971, four years into the British abortion regime. It’s not a motivating factor. I’m aware of it, but it would be clichéd of me to say that because of my personal circumstances I am therefore motivated by that. I think of the mothers and children of today and what they will face in an abortion culture.”

Very noble. You just have to meet Mr Barrett to realise that he is like an emotional iceberg, and therefore unable to cope with the reality that we’re all motivated by personal circumstances.

“Bright-eyed, well-spoken, good-humoured, driven by that fierce inspiring youthful determination.” This quote from journalist Brenda Power, describing Youth Defence members, is used on their website. Their best-known public face, Justin Barrett, is small and skinny with big ears and a high-pitched, clipped voice. He is intelligent, articulate and wired with determination. At present, he is living on coffee and cigarettes.

Posing the question ‘what if Justin Barrett was aborted?’ is not the best way to push a pro-life argument.

Bonus Points: The piece was written by Gayle Killilea.  

Bonus Bonus Points: Wire reference in headline: 

The man wired to fight abortion –

Read the whole thing: You’ll want to abort yourself by the end of it. 

And then there’s this.

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