Grim Escort Review Of The Day: Loose connexions

So I’m obviously not giving a thumbs up, so let me try to be repectful and as factual as possible and hopefully also provide some constructive feedback.
– Alexa is quite friendly
– good looking
– nice bod (you need to like petite girls)
– she was also accommodating as this was last notice

here’s what’s less positive:
For me it needs to flow relatively naturally… we talk, kiss, try to establish a connexion and let things to flow..
whenever I’m told to lay on the bed, as I’m going to the doctor and wait for her process to happen, that makes me feel very awkward…
I know many guys are passive and might expect that but for me thats not the case…
Also, as mentioned by a couple of previous punters, FK and kissing is almost non existing…
(whenever i read this from others I tend to think.. maybe the guy was like this or like that.. guys, this is not the case.. Many of escorts know me and know I’m quite careful with hygiene and everything else).

Overall Alexa could be a great punt but it ended being a pretty average one.
I felt i went through her process and a good experience is not only about who provides the service feeling happy with the process but mostly with the customer being happy with it.
I made sure I came and moved on to the massage which she delivered nicely.

I understand others might like. Not my cup of tea.

Many of escorts know me’ is the saddest line I’ve ever had to read. 


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