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This stunningly beautiful young woman was the daughter of a Dublin born Irish army squaddie, years ago my father told me of his friendship with a film star who had a fiery temper and was an ‘awful young wan’ as he described her with a degree of affection, I think he said my granda was her godfather, but I cant be sure about that.She was born in limerick in around 1922,her dad died when she was a young girl, coming from a large family with no dad things were hard, her mother entered her into a beauty contest and no surprisingly she won it.This led to interest from the Rank Organistion becoming interested in her and she landed a role in a film. Constance (Connie)Smith was on the road to fame, after appearing in ‘The Mudlark‘ her temper didn’t do her any favors, she argued with the powers that be and got fired.She then went to America and signed with 20th Century Fox, again appearing in several films and co presented the Oscars ceremony in 1952.Her life was taken over by events and she divorced her husband, she became depressed and attempted suicide many times.During the late 1950s she met and moved in with the famous film historian Paul Rotha, it was turbulent at times he was older than her and during one argument she stabbed him, she was charged with attempted murder,but they later married , Rotha died and Constance life went downhill all the way, she made her living as a cleaner,she was admitted to hospital several times..and in 2003 she finally died, she dropped dead on a London st…when my da died yrs ago I found a photo sent from Brighton of Connie..on it said “hi paddy, in Brighton, don’t know where from here”!!what a sad end for a stunningly beautiful young woman.!

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