And so to Kilbarrack

So this is where we grow our wicked kush. 

This is the super bong we made with old toilet roll holders and spit. 

And this is where we drink our mushie tea. Hahahaha. Yes. What? Sorry, I thought someone said something.  What? Sorry, I thought someone said something. 


Jurgen Muller; Member of Cabinet for the Commissioner, Seamus Lyons; Assistant City Manager,  EU Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard,  Fire Fighter Neil McCabe and John Keogh; 3rd Officer with responsibility for North Dublin Operations. Kilbarrack Fire station in Dublin is the only carbon neutral fire station in the EU. It’s an inspiration to the rest of Europe in the area of energy efficiency, said EU Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard at her visit yesterday.

In order to become carbon neutral, a range of measures like
installation of a high efficiency gas boiler, light upgrading, pipe
replacement lagged to the highest standard, and solar panel
installation. Speaking in Kilbarrack, Commissioner Hedegaard said other Fire Stations in the EU can learn so much from Kilbarrack.

So….they don’t want Kilbarrack to burn to the ground? Really? 

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