Grim Escort Review Of The Day: At least he didn’t call it Bombay

This escort has one negative review & like 10 good ones, i can’t believe anybody would write a good review for this escort unless they haven’t been with a girl in a decade!
The service i received was one out of A Mumbai shanty town local escort!
None of her favourites are available!
I threw 60e in a river (i feel mugged), i can’t warn you enough guys, AVOID AT ALL COSTS!
I had another escort booked but she cancelled last second, i looked at a few reviews from this girl & 70% were ok, she doesn’t deserve one positive review imo!
I wanted to do 3 escorts in a week & my run of luck this week didn’t last long unfortunately!

If you plan on playing three women for sex in one week, your concept of ‘luck’ needs some serious re-evaluating. 

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