Poetry Corner: Once More, Ere I Move On by Friedrich Nietzsche

Once more, ere I move on

And send my glance forward,

Lonely, I raise my hands

To you, to whom I flee,

To whom I, in the deepest depths of my heart,

Have solemnly consecrated altars,

So that, at all times, 

His voice would summon me again.

Deeply inscribed upon them glows

The words: To the Unknown God.

I am his, although up till this hour

I’ve remained in the company of sinners:

I am his—and I feel the noosed ropes

That pull me down in the struggle

And, should I flee,

Still force me into his service.

I want to know you, unknown one,

You who have reached deep within my soul,

Wandering through my life like a storm,

You incomprehensible one, akin to me!

I want to know you, even serve you.

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