Brace yourself: Valentine’s is coming

Oh god I hate Valentine’s so fucking much. Thankfully I don’t have to worry about romance anymore as I’m married. 


Tempting Restaurant App for Last Minute Value and Spontaneity! Pictured at the launch of the smart phone App Temptster was Ollie Fegan, Temptster developer with model Roz Purcell. Temptster is a new Irish developed smartphone app that allows restaurants to promote high-value offers on same-day bookings, when the restaurant isn’t fully booked, or has had a cancellation. Launched in Dublin today, the
Temptster app uses GPS technology to identify the user’s location and display all available offers in nearby bars and restaurants.

Because who wouldn’t want to spend Valentine’s with a cheapskate who spends the whole evening glued to his phone looking for the cheapest food in town? Maybe you can use Google Maps to find some bins to rummage through! Yum! 

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