Grim Escort Review of the Day: CIM and COB edition

I just left, pure joke, when you call only cim, and cob, is EXTRA. But when you there almost everything is EXTRA. So if you want a really good time which is not cost you at least 200 euro go somewhere else. 

EXTRA EXTRA, read all about my PATHETIC LIFE.

And the firm rebuttal: 

Hi Dear,
I answer every your questions on the phone everything was clear.Of course if I provide extra service it must be charging for extra money.If you want just cheap sex nothing else you can take your 80 e and go somewhere else . I’m first class I provide porn star experience and you must have money for it.Nothing is for free!!!!But you ll be leaving with big smile on your face and never forget me :)…

Impossible to read that without thinking of Taken.

But at least she has better English than most of her clients, especially so when you consider that her name is Wicky Angel

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